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Waldy Peire

For most of my life I have been a bigger kid. I’ve been over 200 pounds since I was 12 years old. In high school I reached a peak of 250 pounds and thought I would be perfect for football. Unfortunately being that heavy that young caused me to be slow and very unconditioned. I decided to start working out to improve my football performance. With the help of my cousin Daniel I lost 30 pounds in about 5 months. I continued up until my junior year of high school and reached 215 pounds. I injured my knee playing football and I figured my workout days were over; I gradually gave up on working out. I also refused to step on a scale for a few years so I lost track of my weight.

So after being in denial for so long I decided to see how much I weighed. I stepped on a scale and saw that I was 268 pounds. I promised myself I would never pass 250 and I broke that promise to myself by 18 extra pounds. I knew it was time to get myself active. I was a freshman in college and I knew the freshman 15 was going to come around so I wanted to be in the gym. I would spend about 3 hours in the gym doing hundred of reps thinking I was doing a great job. School days became harder and spending time in gym wasn’t on my priority list. So by the end of my first semester of sophomore year I lost a total of eight pounds.

Working for the ROTC I learned about CrossFit. I saw the types of workouts they were doing and thought that they looked like idiots. Yet when I saw them during physical training in the afternoons it was as if nothing was too hard for them. So I figured what’s worse doing ridiculous workouts or looking ridiculous in my own skin. I started searching for CrossFit gyms and found Dan’s gym CrossFit Lindy. I made a call for an appointment to tryout a workout. My original workout partner and I decided we would try it together. I can remember the workout to this day. 15 burpees, 21-15-9 of wall balls, push-ups, and box jumps and ending with another 15 burpees. That workout took me 18 minutes and 46 seconds to complete and I have never in my life felt so drained and sore. I was hooked from that day.

I planned my entire summer dedicating it to do CrossFit. I followed the diet and it was definitely the best choice I have made in my entire life. I thought I would never be able to complete the workouts being 260 pounds. I created the mindset to complete the workouts no matter how long they took or how much pain I was in. Then the weight started melting off. I could feel myself getting stronger, faster, more conditioned, and slimmer as I continued. I have lost a total of 55 pounds in 110 days following the Paleolithic diet and training only with CrossFit. I am a skeptic turned believer.

In terms of a Crossfitter I may be considered out of shape but I know I am more conditioned and probably stronger than any meathead you could find at a Gold’s Gym or Planet Fitness. I have gotten this way by dedicating at least 30 minutes a day to complete a WOD while others spend hours doing thousands of reps in a gym. I don’t intend on stopping any time soon. I am addicted; CrossFit gets me higher than any drug and has strengthened not only my body but also my mind. I feel that anything is possible and achievable. I would recommend CrossFit to anyone with a strong desire to reach his or her physical fitness goals.

Chris Ribando

CrossFit Lindy offers the challenge, camaraderie, support and training of competitive sports.  The combination of great members, small groups, Dan’s detailed instruction and varied WODs makes it exciting to go to the gym every day.  Facility accessibility and WODs running all the time make it virtually impossible to come up with excuses for skipping a day.  The best part is that Dan leads by example, encouraging members to friendly competition, offering nutritional advice and setting outside events that help build the CrossFit Lindy community.  I will never join an ordinary gym again.