The Mutha F*ckin’ Open

Listen up Kiddies, THE OPEN STARTS TOMORROW!!! and this is how the “Open” is going to work this year. Every Thursday night they will announce the WOD and we have until monday night to complete the workout and submit YOUR OWN scores. Since the workouts will be announced Thursday night, we as a gym will do them Friday. It will be the Workout of the Day (WOD). So those not signed up, you will do the workout anyways. So this Friday, the WOD will be 14.1. I will have a specific warm up for it and there will not be a lifting warm up. Just a WOD specific warm up, then the WOD.
Now, it is going to get super crazy in the evening classes, last year we had 32 people in the 6pm class. I encourage everyone to come into the evening classes to workout together and get a better PUSH and to just overall have an awesome time. Whats going to happen is that we will run the WOD in heats. Where you will be set up with a partner and while one person is performing the WOD, the other is JUDGING!!! Not encouraging nor making sure form is correct. The judges job to make sure the standards are being upheld and I will go over all the standards before each class. I am a stickler with range of motion and standards. If I see a judge allowing “Bro-Reps” That person performing the WOD will stop and have to re-do the whole thing.
Starting this Friday, and only during the Open, we are bringing back the 7pm class. We want to make sure that everyone can do it and give everyone ample time to compete the workout. As soon as the Open is finished, we are going to take away the 7pm class.
Make ups. If you missed the WOD on Friday, or bombed the workout, you have a chance to make up the workout. Make up days are Saturday during normal hours of operation and Sunday at 11am. You must tell me by Saturday that you want to make up on Sunday!!! With that, you must have your own judge so we can make sure the standards are being upheld. I am not a fan of re-doing the open workouts more than once, so the only way you will get to do it again is to totally bomb the WOD or I say you can do it again.
If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments sections below. Either on FB or online on the CFL website, yes you can actually make comments online to tell me how bad you hated the workout. Do not ask me in person because someone else might have the same question as you and I can answer their questions while answering yours. Good luck everyone and lets have some fun!


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