September 2nd 2010

For time:
42 Wall Balls @20, 15
21 Pull Ups
30 Wall Balls
15 Pull Ups
18 Wall Balls
9 Pull Ups

**After Party**

Work on your goals

**Remember…no more noon sessions!

Rich and Mike doing some Cleans

Rich and Mike doing some Cleans

Food Nazi: Nuts To You

**3 Things**

1. We will be moving TOMORROW AFTERNOON.  If you want to come by tomorrow night and help or do a WOD, you are more than welcome.  I will probably just be trying to sort everything out. (Check the “Links” for the actual location)

2. I will set up automatic payments and one time payments online so if you would like to do that please email me your email along with your first and last name.  This will probably happen within a month

3. If you sign a woman up, you get 2 months FREE!!!