Daniel Tyminski is a 4x Individual Games Athlete. He has qualified through the North East/East Regional. He also has been doing CrossFit for over 8 years now and has seen how the sport is evolved and continues to notice and take notes to see its continuous evolution. Through the years, Daniel Tyminski’s training program has been kind of mysterious. No one really knows what he does. All we do know is that he programs for himself. And now we are finally going to unlock the door and see what his actual training program is like.

The program is very rigorous and contains a lot of volume. Tyminski firmly believes in 2 training sessions per day, with ample rest between sessions to trick the body in that it has actually trained once in a day (each session actually being one day). The program is very balanced, broad and extensive. There are many glaring weaknesses in all athletes and some more┬áthan others. This isn’t a program to make you more efficient in your kip on a Muscle Up. But a program to make you a more conditioned, well rounded athlete!!!