Paleo Challenge

We are going to start off the New Year right this year.  We are going to Participate in a Paleo Challenge.  We are going to do a number of things to determine how the challenge is going to be ran.  We will have a scoring system, food log, before and after photos, etc.  This is really supposed to be fun and the idea of getting healthy.  You will discover that this is actually easier than you think.  Its really not hard.  I will have a couple handouts for everyone so please take them.  Also, I highly recommend taking fish oil.  PurePharma is helping me out with this challenge by supplying us with a fish oil to purchase.  You will see the benefits of taking fish oil immediately.  More points will be given for the fish oil.  We will also have a Male and Female winner at the end of the month who will receive a prize at the end of the challenge.  Here is how everything is going to break down:
Scoring System: Everyone is going to start out with 50 points.  At the end of the challenge the person with the most points will pretty much win.  Points will be awarded for meals eaten that are paleo, taking fish oil, keeping an accurate food log, loosing weight, getting stronger, faster WOD times.  Points will be DEDUCTED for bad meals, not taking fish oil on a daily basis, vague food logs.

Awarding Points

  • 1 point for taking you daily dose of fish oil
  • 1 point for every “Paleo” Meal you eat
  • 5 points overall for a very descriptive food log (End of challenge)
  • 5 points for fast WOD times
  • 5 points for PRing a lift
  • 5 points for loosing weight at the end of the challenge (if that was your goal)

Deducting Points

  • 10 points overall for not taking ANY fish oil (so if you forget a day that ok)
  • 1 point for milk and alcohol
  • 2 points for forgetting to take your fish oil in a day
  • 5 points for not eating a “Paleo” Meal
  • 2 points for every not paleo item you consume (so if you eat a paleo meal but had a slice of bread with it)
  • 10 points overall for boring and vague food journals (End of challenge)
  • 5 points for every meal you forget to record

Food Logs: You will record a detailed food log for every meal you eat.  You will write down what you ate, approximately how much you ate, what kind of special ingredients like sauces, sides, spices etc.  Also write down if it was a frozen or fresh, where it came from and brand.  Purdue chicken isn’t really Paleo because of preservatives thats put in it.  But I can perhaps deal with it depending on how its cooked.  So please get another book and start recording.

Before and After photos: You are suggested but not required to take a before and after photo.  This will be done in the privacy of your own home.  Obviously points will be awarded if you lost weight or become “lean”.

WOD times and Lifts:  We will record at the beginning of the challenge 3 WODs and then do them at the end of the challenge to see if we have either gotten stronger or increased our WODability, meaning gotten fast or did more work.  These workouts might have been ones that we have already done, or workouts at the very beginning of the challenge.  Just trying to keep a surprise element to this so we don’t “drag ass” at the start and then drastically improve at the end.

If there are any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Lauren or myself.  If you have questions about food please let me know and I can help you out with food choices.  I have handouts with tips, online resources that provide links for recipes and information.  GOOD LUCK!!!



  1. -Do you lose points for MILK if you are trying to gain?
    -Is there any incentive to keeping the meals in Zone proportions?
    -What are the massive deductions for alcohol?