October 27th 2011

Hey folks, I just wanted to apologize for everything that has been going on lately. The gym has rapidly increased in new members and as you can see I have been completely under maned. I am trying my best to teach a foundations class and run a normal class at the same time so again, I apologize.

Also, Barbell for Boobs is Saturday, who wants to carpool? I started a list under Saturday on the board so please write your name down if you want to drive AND if you are attending.

Gym is closed on Saturday!!!!

2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 of:
Power Snatch


  1. You rock, Lindy rocks, CF rocks…it’s all good! Thanks for your training and support as I try to destroy my first marathon (even though you hate running, lol). CF has made me stronger and better, can’t wait to really train on the regular and see how far I can go!