Mental Toughness

I just want to re-iterate the importance of mental toughness.  We face problems in everyday life and here at our box we face problems as well.  So I am going to talk about not just being strong, or doing “one more rep”, but just normal, everyday crap that we deal with.

So lately I feel like my training is not up to par with where I want it to be.  Granted I just competed in the BotE last week and won; I still wasn’t happy with my performance.  And lately I feel like Ive been on a slump.  I’m sure no one has really noticed, but I don’t feel like I am getting stronger or certain WODs have been faster.

The most important thing Ive picked up as a CrossFitter is that you need to have fun!  I cannot stress this enough.  So I feel liek crap and everyday I remind myself to have fun.  I find something that motivates me and use it, all day!!!  You can’t let simple things get to you and take over your life.  I sit in my room and find quotes that inspire me and say them out loud.  Granted I feel like an idiot but it helps.  Also when I in Iraq, I absolutely hated my life.  I wrote a one of my favorite quotes on the wall beside my bed so I can read it every morning I could.  This was a huge success in my overall happiness during my time spent overseas.

Some of the local people say to me that I am a machine.  I’m obviously not but I like to think I am.  Another thing I use to inspire myself is cockiness.  One of my best friends once told me way back when “Being cocky builds confidence”.  I still use this quote every day.  If you know you can succeed then more than likely, you will succeed.  I actually came into the Beast sick as hell.  I developed Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease.  My throat, hands, and feel were blistered the hell up.  Everything hurt.  Swallowing water, food, and my own saliva. Couldn’t grab a bar and running was not fun at all.  But I came into the event knowing I was to win, and I won.

So anyways, you can do anything you want to do.  It just takes discipline to be mentally tough.  And this just doesn’t over night, it takes practice.  Talk to yourself, find a song, whatever it may be just continue to fight and never surrender!


  1. Peter Villa says:

    Awwww snap! I was quoted. (tear). Danny boy, I love seeing you succeed in life brother. I loved that I was put in a position to inspire you and all the rest of the boys. We’ve been through some pretty ridiculous stuff. And we’re so young still!!

    No matter what though, things will still creep up on you. Those things are out there man. This “slump” that you’re in right now, guess what??? It will most certainly not be your first one. So face it now, in fact, repeat it: “This will not be my first slump”. Because one part of being confident and cocky, is realizing ahead of time that there will be issues coming that you cannot control, but most certainly CAN and WILL handle.

    So take this pathetic little slump, and learn from it. Take it out on a date, go to a fancy dinner with it, watch a movie, cry with it, and then lure it into bed, and make it your bitch. Because that is the purpose of EVERY single obstacle we face – To make us stronger so we can come out on the otherside and say “Well then, that was fun!! Now get out of my way!!!”.

    I love you brother.


  2. Thanks for sharing bud. Good stuff

  3. Whenever someone calls me cocky I reply. “It’s not being cocky when you’re this good.” Great post.

  4. You are a machine, you kill it everyday, and you know what you have to do….proving that you have been motivating yourself as a champion for years make you work they hype Boomer !!!!!!