May 27th 2014

  • If you owe membership please bring it in or pay online
  • This week for regionals there will be NO
    NO Thursday morning Classes, NO Friday morning and NO 4pm Friday, also NO Sunday
    All other classes will be in session

7am and 4pm Strength
EMOM for 7 minutes
1 Hang Snatch @85%
Regional Athletes will do this with your opening weight
Then 2 attempts at next weight
The Practice your Handstand Walk
Warm Up
Warm Up on the Board only
EMOM for 15 minutes
A) 5 Deadlifts @225, 135 + 5 Toes to Bar
B) 5 Handstand Push Ups + 5 Burpee Over Bar
C) 30 Double Unders
Alternate each set of movements each minute