May 21st 2012

Deadlifts @185, 115
Hand Release Push Ups
Rest 2 minutes (change weights)
Push Press @95, 65
Air Squats
*Note* In this WOD you will be doing 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest alternating movements for a total of 16 intervals. 8 intervals for each movement. You will do the deadlift/push up couplet first, rest 2 minutes, then do the push press/air squat couplet.

Next week’s schedule as follows:
Monday 5/21: No 7am Strength
Tuesday 5/22: No 6am Classes
Wednesday 5/23: No 7am Strength
Thursday 5/24: No 6am Classes (Potentially no evening classes either)
Friday 5/25: 5pm-8pm only
Saturday 5/26 and Sunday 5/27: Closed completely
Monday 5/28: 11am WOD!!!