March 6th 2014

Hey guys a quick couple announcements
If you owe membership please pay it now, thanks
Friday is still going to be the Open WOD 14.2
But Saturday we are going to have a different schedule
There will be a 10am and 11am class, but at noon
We are going to celebrate my birfday by having Cow Harbor
And Mr. Super Cleary himself take some sick fotos of myself
And a couple guys performing 14.2 and then eating cake afterwards
So come on down and watch us beat up the WOD and eat cake

3-3-3-3-3 of:
Front Squat
Build to a “Heavy” set of 3 FAST
Then use that weight for all 5 sets
Do not add/decrease weight
After Party
EMOM for 12 minutes, alternating movements of:
15 Ball Walls
20 Sit Ups