March 5th 2010 (Danny Boy's Birthday!!!)

AMRAP in 12 Minutes of: (As Many Rounds As Possible)
6 Deadlifts
6 Hang Cleans
6 Front Squats
6 Push Press/Jerk
*Note* The weight for males is 135lbs and females is 95lbs. There must be a clear distinction between exercises. Pause for a second and then perform the next movement. One round will consist of a total of 24 repetitions.

CrossFit Aba!!!

CrossFit Aba!!!

Do CrossFit...NOT Drugs! (These are the T-Shirts!)

Do CrossFit...NOT Drugs! (These are the T-Shirts!)

*Note* These are the T-Shirts and they are now on sale for $30. Let me know if you would like one so I can bring them in for you!

*Another Note* There will be no classes anytime after 3pm today. It is my birthday and I am going to be with my family 🙂

*Second to Last Note* Tomorrow is CrossFit 516’s Grand Opening party. So click HERE if you would like directions to the place and meet people within the CrossFit Community here on Long Island. The party starts a 3pm, so again on Saturday, CrossFit Lindy will be closed that evening.

*The Last Note* Effective March 8th…hours of operation will be in effect. Please check the “Hours of Operation” Link. Thank you!


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