June 13th 2011

AMRAP in 12 minutes of:
30 Box Jumps
Max Rep Handstand Push Ups
**Note** For the Handstand Push Ups, as soon as you fall off the wall that will count as a round. After one repetition of a Handstand Push Up you will stand on the wall until you can no longer perform the movements. Failing to get on the wall for the 1st repetition will not count as a round. 1 repetition must be completed.  Your score will be the total number of Handstand Push Ups.

Goose no doing so well either

Goose no doing so well either

Hey folks…so I am going away this weekend for the Regionals! Here is the schedule for this weekend. Thursday: Only morning session. 9am-10am. Normal hours for the evening. And Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be closed. I will have WODs posted for you to do at home or anywhere you like Wednesday night. Please comment or “like” this so I know you are aware. Thank you!!!

Johnathan Taylor drafted in 33rd round


  1. Dan, these WODs are getting interesting.