Get strong

Ladies and gentlemen, we need to get strong.  Its as simple as that.  WOD times will get faster, moving weight during MetCons will be 1,000x easier, and overall, we will be more fit.  Isn’t that the idea?  I posted 8×2 Deadlift for Wednesday WOD and there was one person who showed up for 3 hours.  And she was at the normal hours for the Strength Class so she didn’t even do the Deads!!!  I know there are thousands of CrossFitters out there who hate the strength days, and I used to be one of them.  Now I try to do them at least 3-4x a week.  Getting stronger will help you OVERALL get more fit.  What if I programmed a MetCon that called for a 315# Deadlift.  Most of everyone would have to scale down on the WOD because we are not strong enough to pick up the bar.  I am going to incorporate more of a strength bias to the boxes programming because I want everyone to succeed.  By getting stronger, there will be 100x more WODs we can do “As Prescribed”.  This is only to benefit you guys!  I want you to accomplish you goals, by getting that Muscle Up, holding on to a bar for more than 3 reps without having to “drop” it, and most importantly to put up big numbers soon.  You guys will see that getting stronger will help you physically.


  1. strength bias…dig it.

  2. Bring it!

  3. I was doing the strength program regularly for about two months. I used to dread 225# deadlifts, but they have gotten a ton easier. While they are not my favorite workouts, it is good medicine. Time to get back on it. Now if I could only eat healthy and get 8 hours of sleep….

  4. I’m down!!

  5. Couldn’t agree more. Wish I wasn’t moving, I’m really going to miss the box

  6. DonnieJust says:

    Just read this today. I LOVE doing strengths I wish I was able to get to the box more often to do them there instead of my globo gym. Would it be possible to do a strength prior to metcon WODs and still have strenghth days too? Just a suggestion for the weenies that don’t come to the box on strenghth days 😉