Beast of the East

So I just participated in the Beast of the East this past weekend for the 2nd year in a row.  This time it was ran by Merle Mckenzie.  This year was completely different from last year being that it was 2 days long instead of 1 and I think the events were extremely well rounded.  Totally unique event.  I love unique, as everyone could tell by now.  The first event was a 5k hill run which was awesome.  People thought coming into this event there was going to be”true” CrossFit workouts up the pie hole; but there really wasn’t.  We hit all modal domains and tested fitness.  After the run was a 1RM Clean and Jerk.  The transition from the run to the lift was pretty quick so I’m sure people were pretty tired.  But I have a decent recovery rate so I was ready for the lift.  My PR C&J is 325# but I hit 315# with a Power Clean.  I then attempted 325#, got the full squat clean and missed the Jerk.  Pretty pleased with my first 2 WODs.  The last event for the day was a 2 minute AMRAP of Deadlifts @275#.  This was absolutely brutal.  It rocked my entire midline and left me bruise for the next day.  I smashed out 52 reps and was hurting right after that.  So I went back to my hotel and got some serious rest.  The next morning I was ready for the day.  The first event was a 1RM Turkish Get-Up.  I have never done this lift before so whatever score I got I would of been happy.  I really wanted 135 and failed my first 2 attempts.  I then hit it and say, “Lets go for 140”.  My first attempt I hit it and was ecstatic. That was my worst event placing 9th overall in that.  WOD 5 was a “true” CrossFit WOD.  The WOD was 21-15-9 of Calorie Row, Overhead Squats @95 and Burpees.  I was pretty pumped for this WOD because the OHS are like air squats to me.  I just hate rowing.  I was pretty far behind in the workout and I came back in the last round blasting it out.  The final WOD was interesting.  I normally do not train these movements and to do them in a workout was different for me.  It was a Strongman Melody and it was for time: 8 Squat Cleans at 155, Farmers Carry with 160 in each hand (I believe the distance was 100m) 8 Stones, Ground to Shoulder, Farmer’s Carry back.  Another 8 Cleans, a 500# Yoke Carry to the Stones, another 8 stones and Yoke Carry back to the starting position.  8 more Cleans and the WOD was finished.  I hate stones so for me to bang them out like I did that day was pretty awesome.  Ive only used them twice in my life I think, and Ive only carried a Yoke possibly 5 times.  That workout was totally out of my element.  I am extremely happy I decided to do the Beast this year.  I wanted this different kind of training to use and to continue to use to help prepare for me next years season.  This year was my first go at the Games in Cali and I was unprepared.  I didn’t know how to rope climb that well, I am not a very good at the Snatch and the Farmers Carry got to me a bit.  I need to add different elements to my training and I think the BotE was a great start. Overall I am extremely satisfied to compete again and I will use my experience to help me as an athlete to prepare for next year!!!


  1. Eric Slater says:

    Dan, you’re a beast. It’s interesting to hear a competitor’s breakdown of the challenge. Keep it up!

  2. Henry Mathies says:

    I like this new addition to the site. It helps keep people out of the area up to date.

  3. Pistol Pete says:

    Awesome job Boomsauce!! Can’t wait to watch you compete at the games next year.