Back In The Day

So I had a conversation with one of my members the other day about how and when CF all started. He has been doing CF for quite some time now and is a so called “Veteran” at it. But we had the conversation about how “back in the day” we didn’t have much. We didn’t have these fancy shoes, shorts, shirts, etc. But it was primarily apparel.
When I first started I literally wore my old school Salomon Trail Running shoe and some stinky pair of Adidas shorts. I didn’t know what lifting shoes were and if super minimalistic shoes were good for you. I didn’t even knew that wrist wraps existed. I used tape and hardly any. I always thought people who wore knees pads or sleeves were pussies (And still kind of do haha).  They don’t even work for me, I even think they cause pain for me rather than add support. Anyone who wears elbows sleeves probably has some serious issues and shouldn’t be exercising like this. In fact, anyone over accessorizing in anything probably shouldn’t take the sport as serious as they probably do, i.e. Rocktape and any Kineso Tape.
This entry actually remembers and gives inspiration to Chris Spealler’s blog “Grass Roots”. Being that he is a grandfather (Sorry hehe) to the sport and one of the few to start CF I am sure he can actually say the same. I started back in Iraq in 2007 performing workouts in a gym on our FOB with iron weights, no kettle bells, nor olympic bars, real pull up stations, med balls. We just has basic gear that got us through the day. I did have one set of rings that I purchased online to learn Muscle Ups but that was the only cool thing I had. Otherwise my first competition back in 2009 was the NE Regionals. It was held at Albany CrossFit right in the parking lot. Honestly, that was probably one of the coolest weekends ever. Just remembering that weekend and what everyone wore is completely different that what it is today.
Just a random thought that I had and wanted to know if anyone actually remembers the Prebok days. Call me old school but I love those days and anyone who has never seen it before should look it up and see the comparison of what CF used to be and what it is now.


  1. Boomsauce rules.