August 31st 2010

5 sets, max reps of:
Body weight Bench Press

*After Party*
Work on your goals

*Note* New schedule tomorrow…so check the “Hours of Operation” tab above!

Rich after my hero WOD "Cody"

Rich after my hero WOD "Cody"

**4 Things**

1. We will be moving soon.  Dont worry I will let you know very soon when this is happening. Figure September 3rd (Check the “Links” for the actual location)

2. I will set up automatic payments and one time payments online so if you would like to do that please email me your email along with your first and last name.  This will probably happen within a month

3.  New “Hours of Operation” coming September 1st!!! (Tomorrow)

4. If you sign a woman up, you get 2 months FREE!!!

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