August 1st 2013

  • There will be NO more classes on Fridays at 7pm
    The 7pm class will be held for the rest of the week
    Just not on Fridays
  • If you owe membership for mid month please bring it in ASAP
    A LOT of you guys are overdue so pay online or bring it in please

Warm Up
A) Basic Dynamic Warm Up on the Board
B) Work on a gymnastic skill ie: Handstand Walks, Muscle Ups
Front levers, Back levers, Ring Handstand Push Ups, Multiple
Muscle Ups, Ring Dips, Butterfly Pull Ups etc.  Just NO Barbells
For time:
750 meter row
Then 4 rounds of:
20 Hand Release Push Ups
10 Box Jump Overs
15 Sit Ups