April 15th 2010

**Home WOD**  I will NOT be at the gym today at all.  Everyone will do this at home or at a track.

For Time:
400 Meter Lunge Walk

**Note** Do a 200 Meter Lunge Walk First and if you really feel like you can finish the other half; than Lunge Walk the rest of the 400 Meters.

**Another Note** The average person 100 meter pace count is 67 left foots.  So when you start walking, you start with your right foot than your left (obviously) and that left foot-step counts as “one”.  Another right step than left is “two”.  Get the idea?  Count that to 67 and that is a rough estimate of 100 meters.  You can go back to where you started start the lunge, turn around and come back to the starting point.

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Logan of CrossFit 516 doing some Hang Cleans

Logan of CrossFit 516 doing some Hang Cleans



  1. sweet pic!, We r both doing lunged today