Meet Our Coaches

Daniel Tyminski | Owner, Head Trainer

Established in January of 2010, CrossFit Lindy was one of the first CrossFit Affiliates on Long Island.  Owner, Head Trainer, and 4x Games Athlete Daniel Tyminski has had more experience in achieving your fitness goals.  Daniel Tyminski has completed SEVERAL CrossFit Courses and is also a ISSA Certified Personal Trainer.  His knowledge of the sport is unparalleled to any ofter trainer or CrossFit affiliate on Long Island.

He continues to pursue excellence in the sport for himself but he also puts more than 100% into you as the member.  Nothing is more satisfying to him then watching his community grow into athletes. To become more physically fit and to attain your fitness goals no matter how big or small.

Sheila Rixon | Trainer

12079810_1022334517799277_5914058827399364544_o-2Sheila has always been a fitness enthusiast her whole life. She used to be a ultra marathon super specialist and would run for days. She has ran in several marathons all over the world and recently found a new love for CrossFit.

Sheila has actually been coaching and doing CrossFit longer than we thought. Since she has been a fitness enthusiast her whole life, she was actually doing CrossFit in 2012. She has had for CrossFit Level 1 Certification for many years with also numerous other certifications.  She has been teaching, coaching and competing since.

Sheila brings an attitude like non other. Her positive energy is highly addictive and is always in a good mood. Her smile can make anyone having the roughest days brighter and actually completely turn their frowns upside down. Overall, Sheila is personally there to help inspire and make you, a better you!

Jay DiStefano | Trainer

1148755_10153078069525582_1913108315_nJay a.k.a “Jay Bird”, “The Dominator”, “Humblesaurus” and many others, DiStefano has been no stranger to the fitness industry. Competing in College lacrosse for SUNY Cortland, Jay has won himself a couple National Titles while also being a 2x ALL AMERICAN. He started and played with some of the most elite level lacrosse players in the nation. He is always working to improve his weaknesses and never like to lose. He is a force to be reckoned with!

Jay is also a comedian. He positive energy always brings the best out of anyone, even on there worst days. His impact as a coach inspires people to be there very best, every day for every occasion. He laughter, joy and spirit can help you in becoming the athlete, role model, or very best person you want to be.


Daniel Shook | Trainer

Daniel Shook is an NYPD Sergeant with over 10 years of experience. Daniel has a martial arts background of over 16 years and has trained law enforcement officers from all over the country in Police Defensive Tactics and civilians in self-defense. He currently holds a Black Belt in Bo Fung Do which is an extension of the Wing Chun Kung Fu fighting system from Modern Warrior.

In 2011 Daniel was assigned to the NYPD’s Physical Training and Tactics Unit where he was responsible for training newly assigned police officers in hand to hand combat and putting them through a vigorous physical training program to prepare them for the  everyday challenges of being a police officer.

Daniel began Crossfiit in 2011 at Crossfit Lindy. He realized that the movements and methodology of Crossfit quickly made him a more physically fit instructor and a better police officer. In 2013 Daniel attained his Crossfit Level 1 where he now uses the concepts of Crossfit in his everyday training of police officers and anyone who wants to achieve goals of becoming a better athlete and more physically fit.

Kim Chiarelli | Trainer

10531425_10204332231164243_2327397687959871431_oWhat can you say about Kim? Kim has been a school teacher most of her career.  She knows the skills needed to help and teach individuals how to excel and quickly learn the foundations of every CrossFit movement that we constantly perform at CrossFit Lindy.  Her ability is unprecedented compared to others and there is nothing more she would rather see than the community grow. Whether is be someone’s first pull up, someone squatting a new personal best, or even to see someone that normally doesn’t smile, smile; continues to motivate and to make not only herself, but everyone else a better.

Everyone knows that Kim means business when she is in the gym. Her constant pursue of excellence of ones self in the sport of CrossFit directly reflects her attitude and skills as she is coaching classes.  Kim, another veteran to the sport also has her CrossFit Level 1 Certification along with many others certifications uses her teaching ability to help anyone and everyone succeed.


Ryan Gillen | Intern/Trainer

11046223_10207371090453826_6913710415536745542_n-2Ryan is our intern trainer. I have never met a kid who is as motivated as he is. He is single handed, the most hardest working person in the gym. Whether it be randomly going up to someone and giving them coaching cues, training himself, his job efforts outside the gym and even when he was in school.

Ryan has graduated from McDaniel College at the top of his class. He was an excellent student and an excellent athlete. Like Jay, Ryan also played lacrosse and his passion for sport is remarkable. His leadership ability from lacrosse is a contributing factor as to why he succeeds in life.

Now Ryan has taken the next step in his athletic career at CrossFit Lindy. Ryan is very competitive and while still being extremely new to the sport, he has grown very fast. All performances have increased since helping out at Lindy. He has gotten a lot strong, he has improved technique on all his lifts including his gymnastics ability. Ryan hopes one day to qualify for the CrossFit Games and will continue to pursue until he reaches his goal.