Free Intro Class: Every Sunday (Please email to verify attendance)

Our FREE intro lesson will provide background information of CrossFit Lindy, a warm-up, scaled WOD, cool-down, and a final Q&A. Can also be scheduled during any day of the week!


  • $20 Drop in day use for class
  • $150 Unlimited month to month
  • $130 Unlimited for military, police, firefighter, and full time students
  • 12 month membership (paid in full) – $1,440 (that’s at a rate of $120 monthly) 
6 month membership (paid in full) – $780 (that’s at a rate of $130 monthly)

Individualized Programming

  • $220 per month (which includes membership)
  • $200 per month for military, police, and firefighter (also includes membership)


  • 3-Day Basic Training Course: $240, includes the 3 day coaching sessions and ONE month membership.  This course will teach the CrossFit method.  After completion, you will then be able to attend regular class sessions.  Though it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to take part and learn the various movements in CrossFit.
  • Sign a friend up…get one month HALF OFF!!!

Personal Training

  • Can be scheduled at any time, any day at our facility
  • Can work on anything that you want to achieve, become better at, or just to have an extra session with one of us
  • Coach “BOOMSAUCE” – $100 per hour
  • Coach Riki – $80 per hour


Discounts available for Military Personnel, Police, Firemen, and FULL TIME Students

No refunds