14.5 Tips

I literally just broke down Froning’s (Does his name have the “G” at the end? anyways) whole 14.5. He paced the entire workout. It looked he was running a 5k race. Never ever did he sprint. He was the last one finished on the first set of Thursters and 2nd to finish the Burpees (Set of 21s) Then he basically maintained the rest of the workout. I have a complete split sheet of his work. Shit is cray. Each Thruster took approximately 2 seconds whereas the Burpees took 3 seconds.
My advice:
Pace from the start
Do not go 10000000000 mph from the start. Chill the fuck out and take it easy. Remember, save the sprint for the finish. Remember to breathe through out the whole workout and never hold a breathe in, control your breathing
Must be unbroken. If you have to rest, ever, rest at the top. The static hold of the BB overhead is wayyyyy more efficient than in the rack position. Bones are stacked and we have nothing that can cut off circulation. Also like said previously, do not go 10000000000 mph. Smooth and steady.
Clam, cool and relaxed. If you watch this video (about the 5th burpee I get into rhythm) I recommend you do this style. Its a very quick down and up then jump. With a 1 second pause before I go back down. It is like a 1:1 work rest ratio. As you can see from the video I am super calm, cool, relaxed and also CONTROLLED. So on that 1st burpee, come down up and over the bar fast, then take the time to turn around for that 1 second break as I mentioned before. This will keep the HR down and you to be able to move throughout the rest of the WOD.
Reps 6 and 3
Empty the tank. This is where you can make up ground and get ahead. You should have enough stored energy to sprint and be a machine. If you do not finish the WOD in the most pain you have ever been in your life. Then you should probably do it again.
Where WL shoes
The will help the thruster


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