14.2 Tips

14.2 Warm Up
We need a slightly elevated HR before the WOD starts to maintain an aerobic capacity rather than ANAEROBIC!
Basic WOD mobility
Start off with 5 easy rounds not to fast of:
And to maintain HR, 10k rowing pace right before the WOD. So super slow for 2-3 min

  • Break up Pull Ups early. Did a complete breakdown of TF and she was doing 6’s 98% of the time with 4-5” rest
  • 2nd round of 12’s break up PUs 7-5 or even 6-6
  • Narrow grip on barbell. Will save shoudlers and arms
  • I am taking an “Intra” workout supplement such as amino acids while I am resting. Something that also hydrates. Just sip, no huge gulps
  • OHS has to be UB using the lockout to rest legs. So think half second rest at the top